Loyalty Card


Farah Happiness Cards is an Afrina program where customer can earn points by making a service in any of our branch. plus every Month of Loyalty Day customer have a chance to get free services or more discount when showing their card on loyalty day.

How to Get my Card

1. Farah Happiness Loyalty Card is free of charge in first issue of card and can be collected in Afrina branch. it is strictly one loyalty account number or loyalty card per household per name.
2. Farah Happiness card is automatic to avail as long as the customer had been visit Afrina 3 times and spent 500dhs above. but the customer should request a card in their names.

Customers of Afrina who availed a Membership with 3 months/6months validity will automatically given a Loyalty card-Farah happiness with the below clause of earnings.

• Silver (spending below AED 2,000) with 2% credit points
• Gold (spending AED 2,000 - 5,000) with 5% credit points
• Platinum (over AED 5,000) with 10% credit points.