Farah Angiz Moulana

Founder of Afrina Group

The creative eye behind Afrina Beauty, Henna & Training Center is the founder of Afrina Group Mrs. Farah Angiz Moulana. The company was founded in the UAE 30 years ago, our first ladies beauty center was opened in Sharjah. And we expand into five beauty centers, which are located in Sharjah and Dubai.

Musthapa Guessoum

Advisor to the Chairman

Mr. Musthapa Guessoum whose participation in Afrina Beauty and Henna Center was very supportive since 2005. He used to accompany the Founder to the different beauty exhibitions in the UAE and abroad. As Afrina Beauty and Henna Center was growing, Mustapha was more active in the support of the founder.

Ziba Thamasebi

CEO of Afmetic Cosmetic

With her passion of make up and art Mrs. Ziba Thamasebi established Afmetic cosmetic products, which are for both upper class customers and those people that want to look beautiful like the artists, through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment.

Reza Thamasebi

CEO of Afrina Sweets

The unique and distinctive flavor of the Iranian pastries, the evocation of the past and blend it with the modern techniques of making sweets and baking cakes, you can still taste the tradition sweets with modern decoration, this was the vision of Mr. Reza Thamasebi at the beginnings of Afrina sweets.

Our Mission

to provide outstanding service and excellent care for our guests through the promotion of healthy hair and body. Continually improving through an ongoing education and experience, with a willingness to learn.

Our Vision

Afrina Beauty, Henna & Training Center’s goal is to create a harmonious, productive and profitable beauty center environment. The vision is to ensure that our customers get what they are looking for.

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